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Ultimate 3PCS Shredder

  • SET OF 3 SHREDDERS: The Ultimate 3PCS Shredder comes with 3 vegetable peelers with different blades perfect for a wide variety of vegetables! Included is 1 x Standard Shredder (Black), 1 x Professional Shredder (Blue) and 1 x Julienne Shredder (Red). Whatever the task these 3 shredders should be able to handle bumps and curves with ease without clogging or losing edges. 
  • UNIQUE VEGETABLES SHREDDER: The "U" shaped handle of veggie shredder is suitable for left and right handed people. The ergonomic handle is tested to ensure your hand is comfortable in its peeling position. With a melon ball spoon, you can easily remove bad slices of potatoes and more vegetables.
  • PREMIUM FRUIT SHREDDER: Our fruit peeler consists of a plastic handle and a sharp stainless steel blade. High quality stainless steel material to ensure long time repeated use can still remain sharp and accurate. Stainless steel blades are kept super sharp and skin easily. No more worry about rusting.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL SHREDDER: Julienne Shredder (Red) help creates julienne strips of food for salads or garnishes. The Standard Shredder (Black) is useful for peeling hard skin veggies and fruit or can be used as a thick slicer. The Professional Shredder (Blue) is better for peeling waxy and slippery fruit or can be used as a thin slicer.
  • EFFECTIVE & EFFORTLESS: Our Ultimate 3PCS Shredder are light and efficient. Smooth, precise peeling gives you the confidence of a professional chef even for those with arthritis. The citrus peeler tool makes your muscles will no longer resist repeated peeling movements. Whatever the task, the fruit peeler should be able to handle it easily. The vegetable peeler is hand wash and dishwasher safe, making cleaning easier.

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