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MULTIPLE USES: Pilates stick is often used for yoga, pilates, stretching exercises, fitness and other training programs. It is also perfect for use by women after pregnancy and birth to keep their bodies in shape. GETTING FIT ANYWHERE: Portable design, it can be used at home, in the gym or at your office. You can also take it when you travel. DURABLE...

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ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL: Positional Non-Slip Double Layer Yoga Mat are made of SGS certified TPE material which is non-slip, odor-less and excellent in cushioning, unlike those cheap & traditional non-green PVC, NBR or EVA yoga mats. They are truly eco-friendly, healthy and recyclable. BODY ALIGNMENT LINES: This Positional Non-Slip Double Layer Yoga Mat with alignment marks can help you keep the body in...


HEALTH BENEFIT OF YOGA: Use the Aerial Yoga Swing Set to achieve spinal traction and take the pressure off your vertebral discs. Daily use will help you feel how the cumulative healing effects of inversion therapy add up. You can also strengthen your upper body & core, relieve stress, prevent injuries, promote your overall physical health. LARGE LOAD CAPACITY: This aerial swing...

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Longer, wider, thicker cushion guarantees stability and safety. If you are new to inversion poses, you'll need a lot of shoulder support to feel safe. Newly designed Self-Locking Hooks for quick fold-away storage. Exceptional value with Instructional Manuals. Learn how to properly perform Pigeon, Teaser, Warriors, Side Plank, etc on the bench. Deeper stretch and enhanced resistance all in one...

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MANDALA FOAM YOGA BLOCK: Mandala Foam Yoga Blocks are designed to offer the extra support needed to hit those tough poses and alleviate Excess instability and over-reaching that can lead to injury DURABLE FOAM BLOCKS: Constructed of a soft touch, but durable 100% EVA foam with beveled edges for easier grip and hold leading to a stronger foundation INCREASE BALANCE & STABILITY: Yoga...

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PAIN REDUCTION: Naturally reduce muscle tension, back pain, and headaches by simply laying on the mat daily for 10-30 minutes. Acupressure releases endorphins that block pain and helps relax the muscles in your back, neck, and feet. FULL SUPPORT: The cushioned foam mat is large enough to fit your full back, and unlike many mats that only cover your back, this set...

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PREMIUM MATERIAL: Made out of high quality eco-friendly EVA. Thus it will not absorb moisture during your exercise and can easily be washed in warm water and soap then dried with a towel. MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Our Yoga Elbow & Knee Support Pads helps to avoid or alleviate joint injuries and pain relief for hands, knees, head, elbows and tailbone. Great fitness tool...

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IMPROVE YOUR YOGA: Considered to be the BEST back opener and stretcher you could have, this yoga wheel will open you up to new sequences and forms.  DEEPENS YOGA/FITNESS POSTURES: The Yoga Fitness Wheel is an effective and fun way to open the chest, shoulders, back, and hip flexors. It also develops balance, strength, and flexibility. The Yoga Fitness Wheel is used to...

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FIT FOR MOST MAT SIZES: Crafted specifically to carry yoga mats in an Easy, Gender Neutral, Shoulder Strap Tote Bag Form. No more hassle packing and carrying your yoga gear to and from the studio. Just Slide On Your Shoulder And Go! Dimensions are 35"x13.5" MULTI-PURPOSE: Whether you are looking for specialized yoga bags, carriers or just a simple gym bag, we’ve...

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YOGA ESSENTIAL: The Yoga Training Ring is an essential piece of toning equipment, ideal for both general exercise and yoga. MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: The Yoga Training Ring is ideal for floor and yoga exercises, can be used to burn belly fat and arms, thighs, hips, glutes, abs and pelvic muscles. COMPACT LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: The Yoga Training Ring comes with best toning ring featuring padding inside and...

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