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Dual-Use 4L Cosmetic Refrigerator


Why the Dual-Use 4L Cosmetic Refridgerator? Well, refridgerating your skincare products and make-up not only helps to prolong their shelf-life, but cold products also help to temporarily reduce facial puffiness. In additon, who doesn't love a cold face mask!?

The beautiful gloss finish on the Dual-Use 4L Cosmetic Refridgerator fits perfectly on any vanity or in any home. Compact with an integrated top handle lets you bring it with you where ever you go! But how does it work? Our Dual-Use 4L Cosmetic Refridgerator uses thermoelectric power, circulating your choice of cold/hot air through a small electric fan. This delivers a quiet 42Db sound & environmentally friendly cooling, whilst using much less energy compared to your traditional refrigerator.


  • 1 x Dual-Use 4L Cosmetic Refridgerator
  • 1 x Home Adapter Plug 
  • 1 x Removable door and middle shelves
  • 1 x Car Adapter Plug

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