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Easy Grater & Slicer™ 3-in-1


Why freshly grated cheese tastes better and costs less.

When you buy pre-grated cheese you are paying for the convenience of not grating the cheese yourself. The sacrifice? Your money, and the quality of the cheese. Pre grated cheese has extra preservatives to keep the cheese "fresh". These preservatives make the cheese stale and harder to melt onto tortillas and buns. 

In short, your spending more money on lower quality cheese. 

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Grate, slice, and grind 9X faster and easier.

The luxury of grated cheese is now easy to achieve with this rotary grater. Simply put whatever you need grated in the top and turn the handle to grate anything in seconds! It takes around 20 seconds to grate an 8 oz block of cheese. 

Onions, oreos, carrots and more.

You can grate, slice, and grind anything you can think of. Your imagination is the limit. 


Features and Benefits

  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Super easy cleanup! Just rinse off and throw the individual parts into the dishwasher. DON'T put the suction base into the dishwasher, only the parts that get dirty. 
  • 3 DIFFERENT BLADES: Equipped with 3 blades made of high quality stainless steel, sturdy and sharp blades.
  • EASY TO HANDLE & CLEAN: A simple crank crank rotates the drum to create the perfect grind. Easy to operate and easy to clean.
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN: The suction cup provides a firm grip and stability on a flat surface.
  • HIGH QUALITY: stylish design, superb craftsmanship. Small size and completely space saving. Easy to change rollers are available for different cooking options.
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Ideal for potato pancakes, corn beef hash and grilled coleslaw. This manual rotary grater is ideal for grilling cheese, vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, nuts, onions and more.

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